Do you buy or lease your company cars?
Why would you do it differently with your IT infrastructure?

We have collected some similarities between company car leasing and cloud technology. Think through the analogies! Do you agree? Maybe not? Write your opinion in the comments!

No need for initial investment

Like leasing, where significant initial investment is not required for acquiring a new vehicle, using cloud services also eliminates the need for a substantial investment in building one’s own server infrastructure.

Continous updates

Similar to leased cars, where leasing companies provide the latest models, the physical and software infrastructure behind cloud services are continuously updated, allowing companies to always use the latest technology and software updates without significant effort in modernizing their systems.

Cost efficiency

Just like with leased cars, where the lease payment includes maintenance and, in some cases, servicing costs, cloud services typically encompass the maintenance, updates, and security services of the infrastructure, thereby reducing the overall costs for the companies.

Scalability and flexibility

You can expand your company fleet quite quickly if that is what you need. Of course, here the analogy is a little lame in favor of cloud services, since it can not only be easily scaled upwards, but also downwards if your needs change, so that you only use the necessary resources.

Reduced operational burden

Just as the leasing company takes care of car maintenance in leasing, cloud service providers handle the basic infrastructural tasks, allowing a company’s IT staff to focus on higher-value tasks such as innovation or business strategy development.

Perhaps as a businessman you have come across leasing many times, but you have not thought about cloud technology in this way. If you want to delve deeper into the topic, feel free to contact us!