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Free software design consultation for managers

In a short training session, our experienced Product Owner will teach you a general and quick-to-use software design technique, which will make your projects predictable both in terms of budget and time. Our consultation in the introductory phase is FREE, because we also learn from your industry stories.

3 typical mistakes that are usually made during planning:

1. All of the parts are not planned in a consistent manner: the real complexity of each part is revealed during the process, which causes a drastic increase in costs.

2. The costs of each part of the development are not known: because their return cannot be calculated, it is difficult to make decisions about what to prioritize or omit.

3. If there are no visual plans before development, new ideas usually come up during implementation, which no one thought of at the beginning.

3+1 tips on how to avoid typical mistakes:

1. A flowchart shows the real complexity of the system and where the missing nodes are in the envisioned operation.

2. An epic-level backlog projects the cost of each task and its proportion to the others and to the entire system.

3. A clickable wireframe of the system can be easily created for a small fee, which visually presents the operations to be implemented.

+1 Use the NITRO AGILE PLANNING service ?.

What does the consultation consist of?

  • Why do software development projects get delayed?
  • Case studies
  • What is the value and what are the contents of the Nitro Agile Planning solution?
  • Detailed presentation of process and result products

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