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With a dedicated software development team

How does it work?

Our teams work in our own offices and on our own devices. Communication with the Customer takes place on the basis of a Backlog (prioritized task list), which is supported by the Product owner either on the Customer or on the supplier side. The progress can be monitored and controlled during daily standups and at bi-weekly Demo events, where the team presents working software.

Why is this better than a normal project method?

The continuous control of the progress and the shaping of the product is in the hands of the Customer.

Why is this better than outsourcing?

A team that has been working together for a long time following an agile methodology, is several times more efficient than a team put together for one specific project. They work together with full responsibility for the success of the product. We provide the number of employees (3-9 people) and competencies that match the project size.

+ We invoice our dedicated teams monthly, in arrears, on a daily basis

Why is this better than creating your own team?

The members of the team are dedicated so they only work for one client, but there are no additional costs after the end of the project. They are constantly training themselves, so their technological and methodological knowledge is up-to-date. There are no recruitment or onboarding costs, so there is no risk of employee migration.

We help you create the Backlog:

Our agile consultants and Product Owners break down the product vision into developable and testable units with the help of our independent software design service. In this way, the entire process becomes risk-free and only the valuable functions are developed.

Let's put together the best team for You!

Product owner


Software developers

Lead developer

Automation tester

UX / UI designer

Scrum master

Our most frequently used technologies:







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