There is no business without risk! But
don't take more of it than necessary!

Audit and consultation service for decision makers

If you are starting an IT development project and want to validate your supplier's plan and know that it can realistically be implemented by the planned deadline, we can help you find the risky points with our audit service. And if your running project has reached a dead end or is progressing significantly slower than you expected, we will help you move in the best direction.

3 typical mistakes that are usually made during a development project:

1. All of the parts are not planned in a consistent manner: the real complexity of each part is revealed during the process, which causes a drastic increase in costs.

2. The costs of each part of the development are not known: because their return cannot be calculated, it is difficult to make decisions about what to prioritize or omit.

3. The development process is not transparent, so it is not visible in time if the project slips.

3 tips on how to avoid typical mistakes:

1. An epic-level backlog projects the cost of each task and its proportion to the others and to the entire system.

2. A clickable wireframe of the system can be easily created for a small fee, which visually presents the operations to be implemented.

3. Expect the supplier to create a product roadmap, hold a demo event every sprint where your decision makers participate.

Why use our audit service?

  • We use our planning experience gained during our Nitro Agile Planning service.
  • We have real experience in auditing stalled projects and taking them over for development.
  • Our Architect Board can find solutions for even the most complex cases, be it architectural, data management or development methodological issues.
  • We use visualization techniques to help understand the connection between modules.

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