At Nitrowise, not only codes are created, but also business values.

At Nitrowise, we are dedicated to developing software that creates real value for your business. We follow strict planning processes so that product development is always in line with the corporate strategy. Our automated tools and experienced testers ensure that we deliver only quality and sustainable software.

How we work

Our agile teams consist of several professionals with different competencies, ready to deliver results.

  • Well-coordinated agile teams: All our teams have the necessary competencies and commitment to agility. You can count on us to continuously maximize business value.
  • Personalized support: A dedicated Product Owner supports each team, guaranteeing that the project is closely connected to the business goals throughout.
  • Flexible pricing: Our time- and material-based pricing allows you to pay only for what you actually use, optimizing your costs.
  • Immediate deployment: Our teams are ready to go and work only as long as you need. Our flexibility and efficiency result in cost savings in recruitment, onboarding and HR costs.
  • Progress can be tracked: During daily standups and biweekly demo events where the team shows off the software in action, you can track development and provide feedback.

Choose Nitrowise, where our dedicated teams work for your success, and Agility is not just a word, but a reality!



Chief Strategy Officer


Business Development Manager, COO




CIO, Head of Delivery


Chief Happiness Officer

We usually set annual goals, and then each quarter we break them down into smaller parts that we can achieve in 90 days. Everyone from the management team has independent tasks that support a common goal. This year, we decided to invest in learning both on the professional and sales fronts.


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    1117 Budapest, Gábor Dénes street 4.

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